From time to time we will mate some of our Cocker Spaniel females to our purebred Cocker Spaniel Studs to continue the pure line for replacement dams. So we will have some Cocker Spaniel males and a few Cocker Spaniel females for sale. As we cannot keep them all, we will share them with you.

We do this because we do not believe in bringing in outside females due to biosecurity protocols. This assures you and us the highest degree of health in our foundation stock and also in the puppies that you buy. When we bring in new studs, we follow the strictest protocol to insure that we are not introducing any infectious diseases.


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If would you like to adopt one of the below puppies or want more information, please email us, call us at 641.336.2952, or go to our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you!




Classic Poos is dedicated to the cause of responsible pet care. We have made a commitment to reduce the number of lost, stolen, and unwanted pets in community shelters. As part of this commitment all of our pets have been protected with the Petkey family of services. These services provide lifetime lost pet protection, behavior & training education, and a toll free consultation helpline staffed by professional behavior/recovery specialists. Ask us about details of having this service transferred to you with the adoption of your new puppy to make sure its protected for life!